Black Label CO2 Oil Cartridges



Black Label CO2 Oil Cartridges

 The FlavRx Black Label line is for those who want a more potent/better tasting experience out of their vape pen. It also has 80%+ THC in each cartridge. It’s comparable to taking a dab if you get the right puff. Especially with it’s metal tip, you get a perfectly smooth hit every time.

Those who have had bad experiences with other types of oil cartridges, you won’t be disappointed with the flavor profile of a Black Label cart since all of FlavRx’s extracts are processed through a solvent-free, CO2 process. This cartridge is definitely worth the buy.

One of these benefits is relaxation. Just as breathing during meditation or yoga stretching has relaxation benefits, the ritual of vaping has calming effects on the mind and body. Similarly, many people find that just the act of stepping outside or aside from whatever is stressing them out to have a second to themselves to vape is calming in itself.

A THC cartridge is a pre-filled, disposable container filled with your favorite strain of THC oil. Once the oil in the THC cartridge reaches a certain temperature, it vaporizes. You can then inhale to your heart’s content without worrying about the adverse effects of smoke in your lungs.

But you’re not going to throw your THC cartridge in the oven or boil it on the stove.


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