Lemon Trainwreck Crumble



Lemon Trainwreck Crumble

Lemon Trainwreck Crumble. The strain Lemon Wreck (also known as Lemon Trainwreck) is a sativa-dominant. It is a cross between Lemon Diesel and Trainwreck. It may have stimulating and cerebral effects at first. Therefore this is truly a nighttime strain for some as it produces strong sleepy effects over time.

This product is produced by the use of Solventless extraction methods. Hence providing you with the clean and pure medical grade quality product you deserve.

Lemon Trainwreck is a strain of cannabis with sativa dominant lineage. Therefore it provides a balanced yet intense body and head high. Many patients use this product due to its consistency at providing relief from insomnia, pain and inflammation.

What is Weed Crumble?

Weed crumble is a cannabis concentrate that boasts a unique texture and very high levels of THC. It usually has a yellow color with a crumbly texture, hence the name. Some users also refer to weed crumble as crumble wax or honeycomb wax as its appearance and texture share a lot in common with honeycomb.

Like with other concentrates, it compresses marijuana into a much more potent form for stronger effects. While your average strain of bud generally has THC levels of anywhere from 15-25%, high-quality crumble can reach levels of up to 90%. As such, you can expect some intense effects when you use it.


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