Weed Edibles

Weed edibles are rapidly growing in popularity and are becoming a preferred marijuana consumption method for many. With high-potency recreational and medicinal weed edibles available online and in pot dispensaries nationwide, many are making the change from smoking to eating. Eating and digesting marijuana is a healthy non-smoking alternative that appeals to many. However, the demand for weed edibles is growing many reasons.

One reason for the edible weed boom is that people want to improve their overall health. Many medical patients need the medicinal effects of marijuana, but they have lung cancer or some other ailment that makes it so they can’t smoke. Even recreational users are often conscious of the damage they do to their lungs when smoking. One joint has roughly the same amount of tar as an entire pack of cigarettes.

Surely, weed edibles are much healthier than smoking and vaping. Additionally, weed edibles are much more discreet than other marijuana products. Edibles can easily be disguised as regular gummy bears, cookies, brownies, lollipops, and more. You can even drink your marijuana in the form of tea and juice. Further, weed edibles don’t have a strong odor like marijuana flower, hash, and marijuana concentrates do.

Please Consume Responsibly!
Just like alcohol, marijuana needs to be purchased, stored, and consumed responsibly. Your weed edibles should be locked and or stored high out of the reach of children and animals. Children’s bodies can’t handle marijuana as adult bodies can. In Colorado alone, since the full-fledged legalization of marijuana, many irresponsible guardians have left their edibles out for children and dogs to eat. There has been at least one childhood death associated with weed edibles. Please, be careful!

Weed edibles are often made with much more marijuana than the recommended adult dosage. For example, the recommended dosage for an adult would be half a gummy, a bite or two of a brownie, or a half-cup of iced tea. If a child or animal sees them, they’re not going to know that your weed edibles are dangerous to them. They’re going to see candy, food, and drink. Most likely, they’re not going to stop with one gummy or one cookie. While super-powerful weed edibles sounds awesome to stoners, it could be the death of your beloved dog or child. In the best case, you’ll have to rush your little one to the ER and probably have the Department of Child Services remove your child from your custody.

Isn’t it Impossible to OD on Weed?

You’re probably used to hearing that it’s impossible to overdose on marijuana. Well, that may or may not be so, but it is very possible to have a severe reaction to marijuana. The marijuana today is much stronger than in the past. Sophisticated extraction methods create weed edibles and concentrates that are almost pure THC. Children and animals are especially susceptible to bad reactions. They can suffer heart attacks or other heart problems, kidney and lung failure, and other serious symptoms of consuming too much weed. Therefore, it is vital that you store your weed edibles safely!

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